How do you know your purpose in life, without your WHY?

How do you know your purpose in life

Finding your passion & purpose in life is a journey of self discovery but, once we know our WHY we can achieve anything

Why we do anything is life is straight away an interesting question for me. WHY do we get up in the morning? WHY do we go to work? And WHY do we bother being alive at all to go through the same drudge as we did yesterday?

I am not sure any of us really understand the reasons for living, but we may have a clearer understanding of WHY we rise up everyday and walk into the daily chaos instead of laying in bed and watching another series on Netflix.

I believe that the main reason for continuing on this road is because we are in hope of a better tomorrow, a better year and a better future. We see a future where we have a better relationship with our partners, a better experience when we travel to a new place or a better future where money is not the first thing on our minds when we are paying the monthly bills.

So, understanding the WHY and the purpose of our existence in my opinion allow us to have a more meaningful future while making our lives fuller because we know who we are, how far we have travelled and finally what our destination is.


The most important reasons why you should learn how to discover your why

Staying focused on how to discover your WHY

Personally, my WHY keeps me focused on the single goal of allowing me to stay on track and avoid distractions. It is a big problem for some of us when we become side tracked into non profit making activities. While focusing on our goal creates a more productive mindset where the vision of what is possible strengthens our resolve.

Discovering your purpose and passion for your WHY!

When we truly find a purpose and a passion, it becomes the driving force allowing us to achieve something extraordinary, something that would seem impossible in the past. It may be a childhood dream or travelling the world, it doesn’t really matter what it is, but what is important is finding your passion & purpose in life and striving towards it until it is achieved.

Our WHY will give us a clear vision of our lives

When we strive for something that is important to us like our children or family we will do anything to get to where we want to be. When this happens we are fully committed to the goal.

We can see the same process developing when we have a clear vision of our WHY, however when we are not clear of where we want to go, we tend to drift and ultimately fail by wasting time and energy on pointless activities.

Our WHY will gives us value in life

Our values will deepen our relationship between ourselves and our WHY because overtime it will become a major aspect of our personal lives. Our values will tell us when we are right or wrong and help us to contact people with similar values and views of the world around us.

Knowing yourself is knowing your WHY

A quote I use quite often is: “I do not need to like everyone and not everyone needs to like me” and that is enough, anyone can ask from life which includes myself. When we begin finding your passion & purpose in life, we also begin to realize who we are, what we are and why we are. However the residue of being true to oneself and our core values is that we will surely need to disagree with someone, at the same time this will inspire trust in others, because of our commitment to our core values.

Living life with purpose, living life with our WHY

Living our WHY is a commitment. The day we do not commit to our WHY in our daily lives is when we hesitate with thoughts of drawing back from the WHY and toward ineffective activities. However, when we commit to our WHY and you determine your purpose in life, great things can happen.

Finding the flow in our WHY

When I consider my own life and business, success does seem to come when the universe is flowing in the same direction. It’s clear that fighting against the flow of life does not allow for a relaxed state of mind. However we need to understand that we should challenge ourselves and fight against the fear that the flow in life may not take us where we want to go.

Life is fun with a WHY

Knowing our WHY in life and business is what makes every minute count as enjoyment. Even the most boring activity becomes a creative experience when we pursue our WHY.

The conclusion “How do you know your purpose in life, without your WHY?”

It is clear to everyone that our WHY gives us the important drive and clarity in life. When we live life with that sense of purpose we begin to live more positively and start seeking new opportunities. Everything we experience becomes more than it ever was before.

The bigger outcome of realizing our WHY is the building and developing of new positive relationships with others and the building of strong connections that in many cases sustain for many years to come.

In addition, we become more important as role models to our family and friends and tend to pursue a healthier and more positive lifestyle. This may even overlap into believing that we can change the world just a little through our personal actions and activities.

So, if you have a WHY you wish to pursue, which will help you towards finding your passion & purpose in life, then go for it. If you believe that today is the day to start, don’t put it off for one more day, just go for it. As Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Time – the one asset none of us are ever going to get more of.” So, from today, make it your life plan to pursue your goals and learn how to discover your why then just go for it.