How to figure out what to do in life and find your why

Finding our WHY is not always easy, but asking questions about goals in life and who is expected to benefit from it will take you a long way towards your WHY!

It is one thing to express your reason for living, but from my experience most of us have nothing. No questions about goals in life, no passions to explore and no desire to be anywhere else apart from where we are today. We drift like the snow or the autumn leaves flopping from one puddle to the next with no real direction.

Do I believe that we were placed on this earth for a reason?

And when I mean reason, I don’t mean the circle of life or some religious reason. I mean our purpose of making a change in life for ourselves and others. I believe that most of us will have little positive impact on the world or even our local environment.

So, I guess I am not convinced

For most of the world’s population, the idea that we have some personal goal that we are passionate about may only go as far as putting food on the table. In their case the goals are set in stone, because earning enough money to feed their family is motivation enough. Asking questions about the bigger things in life may be seen as wasting tine and energy.

So, what is this existential concept among entrepreneurs and intellectuals that says we need to understand our WHY? And what if we really do not have one, how can we find what really makes us passionate about life?


My personal questions about life to discover my WHY      

I personally found it easy to discover my WHY, but during conversations with friends it became clear that apart from an abstract desire for more money and not needing to work anymore, most did not really understand the need for a WHY.

My argument was that to be successful we needed to be fully motivated to live a happier and fulfilling life, whatever that may be. However, most believed that the future would logically be better with simply more money and time to spend it. This is of course not enough to achieve success, we truly need the momentum and charge that our WHY gives us to sustain us on the long journey ahead.

So, the goal in regards to building a network marketing business is to empower, motivate and inspire others into understanding the reason for wanting to live a happy, successful and more fulfilling life through their WHY.

Unfortunately, many already believe they have achieved everything in life they are willing to go for and see no reason to change anything. To them I congratulate you for finding utopia, however the human condition is more complex than that, as they say, “The journey is more important than the destination”. So, the importance of our WHY becomes vital to our existence because the possibility of a better tomorrow and a better future for ourselves and our families is what makes life interesting.

Questions that make you think about lifeAsk questions that make you think hard about our values

Regardless where our purpose in life takes us it always starts with the type of values we have in relation to what we want to achieve in life.

However, for me it is about relationships with others on all levels while being content with the relationship I have with myself. The values that connect me with others are truth and fairness and without these values, the connection is broken regardless of the future consequences. The bonds in relationships are always conditional, so once our values have been violated we find ourselves searching for a reason to continue towards our goal and our WHY.

For those who know me will have heard my story and my passion to be where I want to be and experience a new and interesting future. However, when I think about my parents, what was there WHY or did they even have one. Maybe it was enough for them that me and my brother finished school and got a job or maybe they had something clearer in their minds that we knew nothing about.

Finally, the importance of family is big for most of us even if sometimes it can be strained by outside influences and pressures. We always hope that in the end, when all is said and done, family will be there to share the stresses and strains of our existence.

Values are just a small but important part of the story of WHY. I don’t really believe we choose our WHY, like a cat, our WHY chooses us. Our WHY is a vital part of our existence because it comes for the daily experiences up to this point. So, the WHY is about our personal history, family, relationships, failure, successes, experiences and actions with the ultimate conclusion our WHY.  

How to figure out what to do in life once you have found your WHY?   

Finding our WHY if we believe that it is already a part of us is about researching and investigating ourselves until our WHY becomes a clear vision of our possible future and goal.

I believe in a sense that we all have a WHY somewhere in our mind, but creating an understandable format that we can see, feel and use to focus on in our lives and business is a different challenge.

So this is about constructing our WHY for personal consumption in a framework that we can fully understand rather than abstract ideas that are difficult to grasp or use as a motivator.

We should be developing an imaginary world that we would want to be a part of, where we have infused all the elements that we see as a successful lifestyle change.

To find our WHY start from asking these questions that make you think about life

Answer them truthful, frankly and honestly 

For 20 minutes contemplate on these questions about life today

  1. What situations make you really happy?
  2. Think about a song from your past and what it means to you now?
  3. What do you do that makes you forget yourself and the time it takes?
  4. When do you feel great about yourself?
  5. Who is an inspiration in your life and why?
  6. What are you gifted at?
  7. What do friends and family ask you do, because they know you will be good at it?
  8. What could you teach if you needed to?
  9. What would you say is missing from your life?
  10. If you could imagine at the end of your life, what would be the most important thing for you?
  11. What would you regard as your most important values?
  12. What challenges have you overcome in your life and how did you do it?
  13. What causes do you strongly believe in?
  14. With your skill, passions and values, how would you use them?

Questions about goals in life

Goal setting coaching questions to develop your WHY!

After reflecting on the answers to the questions about goals in life above, use them to answer the next four questions below:

  • What do you want to do in your life?
  • Who do you want to help?
  • What type of result would you want and expect?
  • What value will you create?

Setting out your WHY!

Having your WHY down on paper is the physical manifestation of your WHY, which in my view makes it real and achievable:  

Now write a list of keywords that reflect the actions that connect your to your WHY.

List everything and everybody that you believe you can empower, help and support.

Consider and find your end goal.

Then answer the final question

  • How will the individuals benefit from your actions?

Now create a few sentences explaining your WHY using optional images for visual effect.

If you have done this correctly and you have answered the questions about life goals, your life and motivations and been honest with yourself you will have your WHY.

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