One line thoughts on success can be an inspiration

I begun to consider inspirational lines for success when I started using them in my Facebook group with the hope to inspire my Doterra team

It started off as a trivial thing, something I could copy and paste and forget about it. What I didn’t realize was it was firstly inspiring me and more importantly, it was inspiring my team.

What surprised me was all of my efforts in sharing information about the best ways to share the products and run their businesses more effectively went onto deaf ears. Paradoxically, I would have believed that learning new skills would have been more beneficial to their businesses rather than inspirational words from me, but who would know!

One line thoughts on success

Why do inspirational thoughts for success quotes inspire? 

Well, I guess because it is in the name, inspirational quote inspire because inspirational thoughts for success help us feel motivated to be more than we are and to be successful.

I personally love the one liners that have an abbreviation, such as F.O.C.U.S. follow one course until success, because it says everything about being successful in a short and structure concept that everyone will understand. This quote simply means if you focus on the task at hand, you will achieve the success you desire, so don’t drift off of the road and keep those motivational thoughts on success and be warned that procrastination is at every turn.

Another quote that I enjoy and have integrated into my thinking is one I saw on a Instagram account and it went something like this:

“Decide what it is you want, Write it down, Make a plan, and Work on it everything single day”

For me this says everything any budding entrepreneur needs to know about being successful. This is not sweet talking or messaging ones ego, it tells you exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. The only thing we need to do is know what we want in the first place and sometimes that is the most difficult part. If you desire nothing it is very difficult to build up the motivation to aim for anything in life. I have to say that I envy those people who need nothing, but I feel that in most cases they are fooling themselves with the knowledge of what it will mean if god forbid they wanted more than they have.

Inspirational thoughts for success

Quotes of motivation and success relates to taken action is my third inspirational statement. I find this shocking that many don’t get the concept of action in relation to their success. The quote goes something like this:

“The distance between your dreams and reality is called action”

I can hear people shouting now, “no, no, no, this cannot be true”, but of course it is. Without action, nothing happens. Taken action is the first step towards everything is life. The daily walk, the daily creation of something tenable will lift and move you forward- This is the action that will propel your business and life forward. This can only be done with action, the wrong action, the right action or the ambiguous action, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is some kind of action as Gary Vaynerchuk said “It’s easy to dream about it, but much harder to execute it”. And, yes we may make mistakes, but so what!

I finally realized that these inspirational quotes are really words of encouragement for success builder as well as apart of our own mindset and personal philosophy. We use them like a mantra to push ourselves forwards when time get tough. When people ask me about running my business online I often find myself using quotes such as, “If it can be automated it should be automated” or “The virtual world of the internet is simply an extension of the physical world”. For most people these are not inspirational life quotes, but for me they explain my reasons for working online and starting a business in the first place.

Inspirational lines for success

I feel that we as entrepreneurs, Doterra Wellness Advocates and network marketers, should have our personal mantra that allows our minds to focus and have the faith and belief that we have the ability to succeed. My personal mantra is small but to the point and is:

“Success is a choice!”

Out of all the one line thoughts on success I take this quote with me always, I have discarded my past failures, my education, my family history and my socioeconomic situation as a reason not to succeed, “Success is a choice” Ads